• Roni Sulistyanto Luhukay Fakultas Hukum Universitas Widya Mataram


Economic and health policy priorities are very important issues issued by the government through various forms of regulation, this is the determination of the life of the Indonesian people. In determining the fate of the Indonesian people, the government issued various forms of policies that seemed very hasty, which had the potential to cause legal confusion, as seen by the issuance of the policy for implementing the PSBB, this policy was implemented as an effort to prevent the spread of Covid 19 which actually had an impact on weak economic growth. This research uses normative legal research. By using a statutory and conceptual approach so as to be able to divert more deeply into regulating the form of regulations in handling Covid 19, it has caused a lot of polemic in the community, related to the form of government policies and the dependence of the community on policies from the government for survival Synchronization between health priorities and Economic Stability as part of the maintenance of a prosperous life. As well as economic activities for handling and overcoming covid 19 with the establishment of the covid 19 protocol which gave birth to government policies related to the soaring of the state budget into a study related to financial design and management that were not in accordance with needs.   Keywords: Covid 19, Policy, Economy, Health
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Luhukay, R. (2020). PRIORITAS KEBIJAKAN EKONOMI DAN KESEHATAN DI MASSA PANDEMIC COVID 19. Jurnal Restorative Justice, 4(2), 101-121.